High phosphorus chemical nickel

Non-magnetic deposit and corrosion resistance greater than that of medium phosphorus

Coating thickness 1 to 100 μm
Excess thickness caused by the deposit Idem thickness
Hardness 450 HV that can be improved or increased depending on heat treatment.
Max. 900 Hv
Conductivity Good
Weldability Good
Salt spray test resistance Varies depending on the alloy, the thickness and the heat treatment according to the ISO 9227 and ASTM B117 standard
Paint adhesion Non used
Slip Good
Appearance Satin
Substrate Steel, Stainless Steel
Capacity Longueur Largeur Hauteur
2,000 mm 650 mm 1,200 mm
Treatment techniques Single, frame or barrel
Comments Non-magnetic deposit
Corrosion resistance superior to that of the medium phosphorus
Uniformity of the thickness regardless of the geometry of the workpiece