Surtec 650

Product approved by the following companies: Alstom, Bombardier, Schneider, Schreder, Thales and Zodiac

Coating thickness Inférieur to 1 μm
Excess thickness caused by the deposit Same as thickness deposited
Hardness Substrate unchanged
Conductivity Good
Compliant with MIL 5541 class 3
Weldability Not weldable
Salt spray test resistance 168 h according to ISO 9227 and ASTM B 117 standards
Compliant with MIL 5541
Paint adhesion Good
Slip Not applicable
Appearance Colourless to slightly bluish
Substrate Aluminium
Capacity Length Width Height
1,300 mm 700 mm 1,000 mm
Treatment techniques Single parts or Frame
Comments Mainly used for paint adhesion or earth connections.
ROHS product without chrome VI.